Homework for Kevin’s 9am class

These days many people buy many clothes and shoes. Modern people spend much money on clothes and shoes. Because people look well to others. So some people forcibly bought clothes and shoes.


N : Ook buys many clothes and shoes. Ook earns money to buy shoes and clothes. Kevin is pity that Ook earns money to buy shoes and clothes.


Ook : My clothes and shoes are new.

Kevin : Did you buy clothes and shoes again?

Ook : Of course, I like to buy clothes and shoes.

Kevin : You have too many clothes and shoes.

Kevin : Did you parents bought this again?

Ook : No, I earned to buy clothes and shoes.

Kevin : Why do you buy so many clothes?

Ook : I look well to others.

Kevin : Why don’t try that on a different thing money you make?

Ook : I’ll think about it.




Homework for Kevin’s 9am class

There any many in spring wedding. There are many outdoor wedding in spring. Because spring weather is warm and cool. Many people want to get married in spring. Also, many festivals held in spring. Example Hip-hop festival, food festival.

N : Kevin is scheduled to attend a friend’s wedding this weekend. Ook is scheduled to attend Hip-hop festival this friday. Ook feeols excited about going in the Hip-hop festival.

Ook : What are you doing this weekend?

Kevin : I’m going to a outdoor wedding. I am looking forward to a outdoor wedding.

Ook : Wow, who’s getting married?

Kevin : A friend of mine from high school. What are you this weekend?

Ook : No plans for the weekend. Instead, I’m going to Hip-hop festival this friday.

Kevin : Who’s there?

Ook : Illionaire records, Hilite records, Black nut and Vasco.

Kevin : I don’t know Korean rapper.

Ook : They are famous in Korea. I am excited about going in Hip-hop festival.





Illionair records


Hilite records


Black nut






Homework for Kevin’s 9am class

Mount Everest is the tallest mountain. Mount Everest is located in Nepal.

Burj Khalifa is the tallest building. Burj Khalifa is located in Dubai.

N: Kevin wants to climb Mount Everest. Because he likes climbing mountain.Ook wants to go to Burj Khalifa. He likes tall buliding.


Kevin: Do you like mountain?

Ook: I don’t like mountain. Do you like mountain?

Kevin: Yess, I like climbing mountain.

Ook: Have you climbed mountain?

Kevin: Of course. I climbed Hallasan Mountain last week.

Ook: Wow, climbing Hallasan Mountain is difficult. You’re nice mountaineer.

Kevin: I want to climb Mount Everset.

Ook: Mount Everest? It is the tallest Mountain. It’s impossible to climb Mount Everest.

Kevin: I can climb Mount Everest.

Ook: I like seeing tall building instead climbing mountain I saw Empire State Buliding last year. I want to go to Burj Khalifa.

Kevin: Burj Khalifa? What’s that?

Ook: Burj Khalifa is the tallest builiding.

세계의 지붕 에베레 Mount Everest


부르즈칼리파 Burj Khalifa

Homework for kevin’s 9am class

These days, people want to do many activities before they’re 30. But doing many activities needs time, money. So modern man doesn’t do many activities. They are busy to make money. I am pitiful that modern man including myself.

N: Kevin plays soceer with Ook in SAHMYOOK UNIVERSITY ground. Kevin asks Ook that he’s hobby. Ook’s hobby is seeing sports.

Kevin: What’s your hobby?

Ook: My hobby is seeing sports.

Kevin: Oh, Do you like soccer?

Ook: Yes I love soccer.

Kevin : Have you gone to soccer stadium?

Ook: Yes I have. I went to OLD TRAFFORD,  ANFILED, CAMP NOU and ALLIANZ ARENA last year.

Kevin: Wow, it’s sounds amazing.

Ook: Have gone to soccer stadium?

Kevin:No, I haven’t. But I have gone to baseball stadium. I went to YANKEE STADIUM, FENWAY PARK, AT&T PARK and WRIGLEY FIELD.

Ook: I hope to go to baseball stadium.

Kevin: Go with me.

맨유의 홈구장인 올  OLD TRAFFORD

[마인크래프트/야구  FENWAY PARK


Homework for Kevin’s 9am class

Recently, many young people like hip-hop.Many young People like hip-hop style clothes, shoes, cap. Also many young people listen to hip-hop music. Hip-hop music appears various music sites. But old people doesn’t understand their music culture. They prefer teuroteu or their style music to hip-hop music.

N: Ook listens to hip-hop music in his house. He invites kevin to his house. Kevin is embarrassed when he comes his house. Because Kevin dislikes hip-hop music. So Kevin asks him to turn off the music.

Ook:  Welcome to my house.

Kevin: Hi Ook. By the way, this music is so loud. Can you turn off the music?

Ook: Ok. I love to listen to Hip-hop music. Do you like hip-hop music?

Kevin: I dislikes hip-hop music.

Ook: Why? This music is so exciting.

Kevin: I think they’re terrible.

Ook: So what kinds of musics do you like?

Kevin: I prefer listening to classic.

Ook: I think it’s boring.


힙합 Hip Hop

‘한화클래식 2015’

Homework for Kevin’s 9am class.

Recently, many people enjoy travel by getting various information. Some people visit a travel agency in person or go online to find and compare prices of flights and hotels, and plan their own travel schedule. Here are two students who have different ideas.


Ook : Kevin, how do you get some information when you travel?

kevin : I usually visit or call a travel agency to get some information and book my flights and hotel. I think it is so convenient, don’t you?

Ook : So do I, but l prefer to travel by using traveler-review websites like TripAdvisor.

Kevin : I have never heard that websites, can you tell me about it?

Ook: This website lets travelers share their experiences at tourist attractions, restaurants and hotels. It is helpful for me. Can you agree with my opinion?

Kevin: Oh I can. If I go on vacation in this summer, I will visit this website. Thank you for giving me good information.

Ook: You’re welcome. I hope to go travel with you.