Homework for Roberts’s 1pm class

Christmas makes me happy. Because it is a national holiday. When I was in elementary school, I spent Christmas with my family. When I was in middle school, I spent Christmas with my girlfriend. I ate dinner with my girlfriend and watched a movie. When I was in high school, I went to institute at Christmas. Christmas was depressed. Since I was young at home, I only received a present. I received various gifts such as shoes and jumper. When I was in elementary school and middle school, I always eat out for Christmas. I went to a hotel buffet or a famous restaurant. When I was in high school, I went to institute  so I couldn’t eat with my family during Christmas holiday. Except for me, my family went out to eat. This is the first Christmas in 20 years. I want to spend Christmas with my girlfriend. Sadly, I still have no girlfriend. My friends say that they will spend Christmas with their girlfriends at Christmas. I envy my friends who spend Christmas with their girlfriend. I try to spend Christmas with my girlfriend, but it is not easy. This year, maybe I will spend Christmas with my family.

Thank you for teaching us during semester.




Homework for Robert’s 1pm class

I learned Korean when I was 5 years old. I learned Korean from my mother. I learned English when I was 10 years old. I learned English from my eldest sister. I first went to English academy when I was 10 years old. Although I did not learn English in elementary school, I studied English when I was elementary school students. At first, it was hard to learn English. Especially, listening and grammar were very difficult. Nonetheless, I enjoyed learning English. I studied really hard to improve my grammar. I learned the grammar from my eldest sister. I memorized 100 words everyday. When I meet foreigners outside, I speak first. Even though I speak to foreigners, I don’t hesitate to answer them. I think speaking English improved through the university English class. I also gained confidence to speak. I want to study abroad for my dream. I want to study English harder and visit abroad to communicate with many foreigners. I want to work for a foreign company. And I want to learn Spanish. Because it is the most popular language all over the world.

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Homework for Robert’s 1pm class

I took a trip to Busan with my friends during MVP week . I went to Busan by KTX which is a  high – speed train. We first went to Haeundae which is a beach. We took pictures together and walked along the beach. We went Busan’s Gukje Market for lunch. We ate stir-fried Rice Cake,  fish cake, Spicy Glass Noodles, dumpling, steak. We had hotteok and juice for dessert. After lunch, we went to an aquarium.  And we ate Raw fish for dinner in Jagalchi Market. We went to Haeundae again. We enjoyed fireworks and ate chicken. We went to Korean dry sauna to sleep. Next day, we went to Taejongdae Park. We took pictures together and did fishing. And we went to Haedong Yonggungsa Temple. We ate fish stew for dinner in Gwangalli. After dinner, we went to Haeundae Beach 101 deobei to see the nigh view. On the last day, we slept in a hotel. I was so happy to sleep in the hotel. The next morning, we ate Pork and Rice Soup. After eating breakfast, we came back home. It was unforgettable trip.





Homework for Robert’s 1pm class

I sometimes use digital camera, and GPS when I travel. I usually use laptop to do assignment in university. I always use smartphone and headset. GPS helps me find a destination. Laptop helps me find various information and enjoy entertainment program – youtube, game and so on. I think smartphone is the best invention. Smartphone helps me find various information and enjoy entertainment program – facebook, kakao talk, youtube and so on. Also smartphone has GPS function. I got a smartphone when I was third grade in middle school. I tried to get a smartphone. My parants said ” If you want to get a smartphone, you get great score.” I studied hard so I got great score. I got a Laptop when I was freshman in university. I needed laptop to do assignment. So I worked a part-time to buy a laptop. I got a headset when I was elementary school student. I saved money to buy a headset. If I don’t have a laptop, I can’t do assignment. If I don’t have a smartphone, I am anxious. If I don’t have a headset, I can’t listening to music.


아이폰7 새 '목업'

Homework for Robert’s 1pm class

My favorite TV program is ‘Infinite Challenge’. In 2006, I first saw ‘Infinite Challenge’. I have seen ‘Infinite Challenge’ for 11 years. The casts of program are Yoo Jae-suk, Park Myeong-su, Jeong Jun-ha, Ha ha, Hwang Kwanghee.  I like Yoo Jae-suk who is main MC in ‘Infinite Challenge’. This program is that members challenge difficult various mission. ‘Infinite Challenge’ members did aerobics, rowing, wrestling and rode bobsled, racing car. Also they made drama and composed music. I like watching TV. So I watch drama, news and sports every day. I watch many dramas such W, Gureumi a moonlight, The green-eyed monster, Start over and Eccentric Family. Every 8 o’clock, I watch the news. I watch many sports game – soccer, baseball, basketball and so on. When I was young, I lay down and watched TV. Now, I watch TV during exercise. When I was a child, I watched TV for 4 hours per a day. I most watch TV at night. My parents don’t monitor. But they worry about my eyes. I finished my homework and watched TV. If I  don’t watch TV in my spare time, I would do exercise.



계속 읽기

Homework for Robert’s 1pm class

My korean name is Byun Jae-wook. My English name is Rashford. I’m a freshman. I major in food and nutrition. I have five family members. I have father, mother and two older sister. My father is a worker. My mother is a housewife. My first oldest sister is a faculty. My second oldest sister is a hotelier. I live in Gubanpo. I graduated Se-wha High School. My hobby is watching soccer games. I love soccer. My favorite soccer team is Manchester United. I want to work in CJ company.  Because that company takes care of their workers. My favorite item is soccer uniforms. I traveled several times in summer vacation. I went Philippines for volunteering with my university friends in June. Volunteering gave me a lesson. On summer vacation I went to the water theme parks – Caribbean Bay, Ocean World – with my friends. It was very fun. And I enjoyed leisure sports three times in Cheongpyeong with my high school friends. I rode banana boat, flying fish boat, jet ski and water – skiing. They made me so interested. After leisure sports, we had a barbecue party in pension. From Jul. 20th to 22nd, I went to Tokyo, Japan with my second oldest sister. On the first day,  we went to Sensosa temple and ate gyukacheu in Asakusa. We went to Odaiba to see the Rainbow Bridge. On the second day, we went to Disney Land. There were many amusement park rides, so we were very interested. At night we went to the Sky Tree which is the tallest tower in Japan. We enjoyed night view. On the last day we enjoyed shopping in Sibuya. In August, I watched many movies in a theater. Because, it was seriously hot in this summer. I watched ‘TRAIN TO BUSAN, The Last Princess, Tunnel, Finding Dory, The Secret Life of Pets, Sing Street, JASON BOURNE and Now You See Me 2’.   During summer vacation, I can learn through various experience(volunteering, travel, sports and so on.) In addition, I can make a lot of friends through various activities. My first university vacation was unforgettable.


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Homework for Kevin’s 9am class

There is a lot of clubs in the high school.  Example, soccer club, Taekwondo, drama club, orchestra. Many students want to join the club. Club activity is a positive influence on students. So I hope that there are many clubs.

N : Ook did Taekwondo in his high school. Ook wants to do Taekwondo but he doesn’t do Taekwondo. Because he was wounded in the leg. Kevin played the piano in the university. Kevin has played the piano since he was  undergraduate.

Ook : Kevin, you’re a really good pianist!

Kevin : Thank you!

Ook : Do you play the piano a lot?

Kevin : I play the piano every time.

Ook : Really?  That’s marvelous.

Kevin : Did you used to play the piano when you were younger?

Ook : No, I didn’t but I used to do Taekwondo.

Kevin : Really ?

Ook : Yes, I used to do Taekwondo when I was high school student.

Kevin : Do you do Taekwondo a lot?

Ook : Not anymore. I was wounded in my leg.

Kevin : That’s too bad.



Homework for Kevin’s 9am class

An earthquake is a huge disaster. Many building collaspses due to earthquake. Many people get hurt because of earthquake. We must deal with in an earthquake. Example when in the building, don’t use stairs as much as possible. While at school, usually took refuge in the below or beside the table.


N : Big earthquake occured in Japan. Kevin worries about the earthquake in Japan. Because Kevin’s acquaintance lives in Japan. Kevin hopes that his acquaintance is safe.

Ook : Kevin!  You don’t look good to your face. What’s wrong.

Kevin : Did you see the news? There was a big earthquake in Japan.

Ook : Yes, I heard about that.

Kevin : My friend is travelling in Japan.

Ook : Oh my god! You must be worried. Did you try to call your friend?

Kevin : No I can’t call my friend.

Ook : Well, your friend might be safe.

Kevin :  I hope it does.

Ook : Call again.

Kevin : A siganal is coming. Oh, my friend gets a phone call. Are you okay?

Kevin’s friend : I’m ok!

Kevin : Did you get hurt anywhere?

Kevin’s friend : Fortunately, an earthquake did not happen in my area. I’ll return to korea tomorrow.

Kevin : Call me when you come tomorrow.

Ook : What did your friend say?

Kevin : He is okay





Homework for Kevin’s 9am class

Soccer is an interesting sport. But soccer is dangerous sports. If you played soceer, you would get hurt. For example a hurt from a blow, fracture etc. You must warm up before play soccer. If you play warm-up may not seriously hurt.

N : Ook likes playing soccer. Kevin doesn’t like playing soccer. Because soccer is dangerous sport. Yesterday Ook gave Kevin suggested to play soccer together. Kevin rejected the proposal. So Ook was alone to play soccer. Ook fractured his arm playing soccer.

Kevin : Hey Ook! What happend to you?

Ook : I broke my arm while I was playing soccer.

Kevin : Ooh! I am sore throats with a cold.

Ook : How did it happen?

Kevin : I was walking on the road when it rained.

Ook : That’s terrible.

Kevin : Today, I need to go to the hospital.

Ook : I have to go to the orthopedic surgery to physical therapy today.

Kevin : See you tomorrow.

Ook : See you tomorrw.



Homework for Kevin’s 9am class

Recently, long distance relationship has increased. Because video chat technology developed. Can see at any time on video chat.

N : Ook’s ideal type is a pretty woman. Unfortunately, Ook’s ideal type lives far away.           Ook can’t often meet his ieal type. So Ook uses a video chat to see his ideal type. Kevin’s ideal type is a smart woman. He married a smart woman. He is satisfied at marriage.


Kevin : What are you doing?

Ook : I’m talking to a gal who lives in Busan.

Kevin : Really? Where did you meet her?

Ook : I met her at the camp.

Kevin : Do you often meet her?

Ook : No, So I use a video chat to see her.

Kevin : Video chatting is many times do you do?

Ook : 7 times a week.

Kevin : Well, that often do you do it.

Ook : How about your marriage?

Kevin : Very good! I’m getting married is ideal and so it’s nice.

Ook : What is your ideal type?

Kevin : My ideal type is a smart woman.

Ook : I want to marry my ideal type