Homework for Robert’s 1pm class

I took a trip to Busan with my friends during MVP week . I went to Busan by KTX which is a  high – speed train. We first went to Haeundae which is a beach. We took pictures together and walked along the beach. We went Busan’s Gukje Market for lunch. We ate stir-fried Rice Cake,  fish cake, Spicy Glass Noodles, dumpling, steak. We had hotteok and juice for dessert. After lunch, we went to an aquarium.  And we ate Raw fish for dinner in Jagalchi Market. We went to Haeundae again. We enjoyed fireworks and ate chicken. We went to Korean dry sauna to sleep. Next day, we went to Taejongdae Park. We took pictures together and did fishing. And we went to Haedong Yonggungsa Temple. We ate fish stew for dinner in Gwangalli. After dinner, we went to Haeundae Beach 101 deobei to see the nigh view. On the last day, we slept in a hotel. I was so happy to sleep in the hotel. The next morning, we ate Pork and Rice Soup. After eating breakfast, we came back home. It was unforgettable trip.






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