Homework for Robert’s 1pm class

My korean name is Byun Jae-wook. My English name is Rashford. I’m a freshman. I major in food and nutrition. I have five family members. I have father, mother and two older sister. My father is a worker. My mother is a housewife. My first oldest sister is a faculty. My second oldest sister is a hotelier. I live in Gubanpo. I graduated Se-wha High School. My hobby is watching soccer games. I love soccer. My favorite soccer team is Manchester United. I want to work in CJ company.  Because that company takes care of their workers. My favorite item is soccer uniforms. I traveled several times in summer vacation. I went Philippines for volunteering with my university friends in June. Volunteering gave me a lesson. On summer vacation I went to the water theme parks – Caribbean Bay, Ocean World – with my friends. It was very fun. And I enjoyed leisure sports three times in Cheongpyeong with my high school friends. I rode banana boat, flying fish boat, jet ski and water – skiing. They made me so interested. After leisure sports, we had a barbecue party in pension. From Jul. 20th to 22nd, I went to Tokyo, Japan with my second oldest sister. On the first day,  we went to Sensosa temple and ate gyukacheu in Asakusa. We went to Odaiba to see the Rainbow Bridge. On the second day, we went to Disney Land. There were many amusement park rides, so we were very interested. At night we went to the Sky Tree which is the tallest tower in Japan. We enjoyed night view. On the last day we enjoyed shopping in Sibuya. In August, I watched many movies in a theater. Because, it was seriously hot in this summer. I watched ‘TRAIN TO BUSAN, The Last Princess, Tunnel, Finding Dory, The Secret Life of Pets, Sing Street, JASON BOURNE and Now You See Me 2’.   During summer vacation, I can learn through various experience(volunteering, travel, sports and so on.) In addition, I can make a lot of friends through various activities. My first university vacation was unforgettable.


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