Homework for Kevin’s 9am class

There is a lot of clubs in the high school.  Example, soccer club, Taekwondo, drama club, orchestra. Many students want to join the club. Club activity is a positive influence on students. So I hope that there are many clubs.

N : Ook did Taekwondo in his high school. Ook wants to do Taekwondo but he doesn’t do Taekwondo. Because he was wounded in the leg. Kevin played the piano in the university. Kevin has played the piano since he was  undergraduate.

Ook : Kevin, you’re a really good pianist!

Kevin : Thank you!

Ook : Do you play the piano a lot?

Kevin : I play the piano every time.

Ook : Really?  That’s marvelous.

Kevin : Did you used to play the piano when you were younger?

Ook : No, I didn’t but I used to do Taekwondo.

Kevin : Really ?

Ook : Yes, I used to do Taekwondo when I was high school student.

Kevin : Do you do Taekwondo a lot?

Ook : Not anymore. I was wounded in my leg.

Kevin : That’s too bad.




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