Homework for Kevin’s 9am class

An earthquake is a huge disaster. Many building collaspses due to earthquake. Many people get hurt because of earthquake. We must deal with in an earthquake. Example when in the building, don’t use stairs as much as possible. While at school, usually took refuge in the below or beside the table.


N : Big earthquake occured in Japan. Kevin worries about the earthquake in Japan. Because Kevin’s acquaintance lives in Japan. Kevin hopes that his acquaintance is safe.

Ook : Kevin!  You don’t look good to your face. What’s wrong.

Kevin : Did you see the news? There was a big earthquake in Japan.

Ook : Yes, I heard about that.

Kevin : My friend is travelling in Japan.

Ook : Oh my god! You must be worried. Did you try to call your friend?

Kevin : No I can’t call my friend.

Ook : Well, your friend might be safe.

Kevin :  I hope it does.

Ook : Call again.

Kevin : A siganal is coming. Oh, my friend gets a phone call. Are you okay?

Kevin’s friend : I’m ok!

Kevin : Did you get hurt anywhere?

Kevin’s friend : Fortunately, an earthquake did not happen in my area. I’ll return to korea tomorrow.

Kevin : Call me when you come tomorrow.

Ook : What did your friend say?

Kevin : He is okay






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