Homework for Kevin’s 9am class

Soccer is an interesting sport. But soccer is dangerous sports. If you played soceer, you would get hurt. For example a hurt from a blow, fracture etc. You must warm up before play soccer. If you play warm-up may not seriously hurt.

N : Ook likes playing soccer. Kevin doesn’t like playing soccer. Because soccer is dangerous sport. Yesterday Ook gave Kevin suggested to play soccer together. Kevin rejected the proposal. So Ook was alone to play soccer. Ook fractured his arm playing soccer.

Kevin : Hey Ook! What happend to you?

Ook : I broke my arm while I was playing soccer.

Kevin : Ooh! I am sore throats with a cold.

Ook : How did it happen?

Kevin : I was walking on the road when it rained.

Ook : That’s terrible.

Kevin : Today, I need to go to the hospital.

Ook : I have to go to the orthopedic surgery to physical therapy today.

Kevin : See you tomorrow.

Ook : See you tomorrw.




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