Homework for Kevin’s 9am class

There any many in spring wedding. There are many outdoor wedding in spring. Because spring weather is warm and cool. Many people want to get married in spring. Also, many festivals held in spring. Example Hip-hop festival, food festival.

N : Kevin is scheduled to attend a friend’s wedding this weekend. Ook is scheduled to attend Hip-hop festival this friday. Ook feeols excited about going in the Hip-hop festival.

Ook : What are you doing this weekend?

Kevin : I’m going to a outdoor wedding. I am looking forward to a outdoor wedding.

Ook : Wow, who’s getting married?

Kevin : A friend of mine from high school. What are you this weekend?

Ook : No plans for the weekend. Instead, I’m going to Hip-hop festival this friday.

Kevin : Who’s there?

Ook : Illionaire records, Hilite records, Black nut and Vasco.

Kevin : I don’t know Korean rapper.

Ook : They are famous in Korea. I am excited about going in Hip-hop festival.





Illionair records


Hilite records


Black nut







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