Homework for Kevin’s 9am class

Recently, many young people like hip-hop.Many young People like hip-hop style clothes, shoes, cap. Also many young people listen to hip-hop music. Hip-hop music appears various music sites. But old people doesn’t understand their music culture. They prefer teuroteu or their style music to hip-hop music.

N: Ook listens to hip-hop music in his house. He invites kevin to his house. Kevin is embarrassed when he comes his house. Because Kevin dislikes hip-hop music. So Kevin asks him to turn off the music.

Ook:  Welcome to my house.

Kevin: Hi Ook. By the way, this music is so loud. Can you turn off the music?

Ook: Ok. I love to listen to Hip-hop music. Do you like hip-hop music?

Kevin: I dislikes hip-hop music.

Ook: Why? This music is so exciting.

Kevin: I think they’re terrible.

Ook: So what kinds of musics do you like?

Kevin: I prefer listening to classic.

Ook: I think it’s boring.


힙합 Hip Hop

‘한화클래식 2015’


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