Homework for Kevin’s 9am class.

Recently, many people enjoy travel by getting various information. Some people visit a travel agency in person or go online to find and compare prices of flights and hotels, and plan their own travel schedule. Here are two students who have different ideas.


Ook : Kevin, how do you get some information when you travel?

kevin : I usually visit or call a travel agency to get some information and book my flights and hotel. I think it is so convenient, don’t you?

Ook : So do I, but l prefer to travel by using traveler-review websites like TripAdvisor.

Kevin : I have never heard that websites, can you tell me about it?

Ook: This website lets travelers share their experiences at tourist attractions, restaurants and hotels. It is helpful for me. Can you agree with my opinion?

Kevin: Oh I can. If I go on vacation in this summer, I will visit this website. Thank you for giving me good information.

Ook: You’re welcome. I hope to go travel with you.






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